Why Do I Grind My Teeth?

Most people clench their jaw or grind their teeth from time to time, and this rarely creates long-lasting medical problems. However, if you grind your teeth frequently, your dental health can be put at serious risk for permanent damage.

Tooth grinding (bruxism) involves moving the jaw in such a way that your teeth rub against each other and place pressure as if you were chewing food. Over time, this motion can lead to serious complications for your dental health. 

Why Do People Grind Their Teeth? 

There can be several reasons why you grind your teeth. For example, if you notice doing it during the day, stress can be a common cause. Tooth grinding can be an involuntary reaction to a stressor, and you might not even notice you’ve started grinding your teeth until your jaw begins to hurt or you feel pressure in your teeth.

Other causes, especially for tooth grinding while you sleep, can include:

Why Is It Bad to Grind Teeth? 

Frequent tooth grinding can lead to several dental health issues:

  • Tooth loosening
  • Fracturing
  • Permanent tooth loss
  • Jaw pains/ TMJ disorders, etc.

Tooth grinding can also lead to headaches, particularly in the morning after you wake up if you grind your teeth at night.

How Do I Stop Grinding My Teeth?

If you suspect you may be grinding your teeth, you should see a dentist right away. It’s important to identify the causes of your bruxism in order to get the best treatment.

Your dentist could recommend a mouthguard to protect your teeth at night. This should help with the headaches and jaw pains almost immediately. Additionally, the dentist might recommend extra procedures, depending on the causes of tooth grinding and to address any apparent damage:

  • Improving your jaw or tooth alignment
  • Replacing missing teeth
  • Trying stress-relief therapies
  • Tooth extractions if the bruxism has led to permanent tooth damage
  • Getting crowns for teeth that are badly chipped or cracked

The dentist will inspect your oral health closely and make the best recommendations based on your current dental health. The goal is often to both address the damage that’s already done and stop the bruxisms from affecting your dental health and quality of life even further.

Do You Think You’re Grinding Your Teeth? Stop by Summerbrook Dental 

Unfortunately, tooth grinding is more than a simple annoyance. It rarely goes away on its own, and over time it can lead to serious complications which can require extensive dental services to address. 

If you suspect you might be grinding your teeth, Summerbrook Dental is here to help you discover the root cause and access the beth treatment plan to ensure the long-term health of your teeth.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Calvin Eastwood online now or call us at (817) 382-7445 today for more information.

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